Frequently Asked Questions

General Policy

Yes, if you have a large group we offer invoice service for a service fee of $20. Contact us at (702) 515-7482 or email us for further information.

No, the courses do not have a time limit and you may login anytime to print off your certificate.
Yes, email us with less than half of the course completed within 24 hours and we will refund your credit card.
No, all certificates will be sent via email.
Yes, please email us for further information; all requests must be in writing.
Yes, please contact us at (702) 515-7482 or email us at for further information.
Go to the login page and select “forgot password”. Type in the email you registered with and you password will be sent to you.
There is no expiration date for printing off your certificate.
There is no expiration date for access to your profile and course information.

DOT HAZMAT Nuclear Gauge Training Course

Individuals who are going to transport nuclear gauges.
Individuals need re-certification every three years.
Except for certain FAA required CFR 14 training, the U.S. DOT does not review or certify training programs for pre-approval purposes. The employer must determine a trainer's qualifications based on their need.
No, the hazmat employer must certify that the employee has been trained and tested. Once the student finishes the course a certificate will be generated that can be printed off on a local printer.
Yes. It is the responsibility of the hazmat employer to meet these training requirements. However, a hazmat employer may designate an outside source to train, test, and certify on its behalf.
Any test that ensures that the employee can perform the assigned duties in compliance with the HMR is acceptable. Training and testing may be accomplished in a variety of ways: performance, written, verbal, or a combination of these.
The requirements do not state that the employee must "pass" a test; however, an employee may only be certified in areas in which he/she can successfully perform their hazmat duties.
Enforcement pertaining to carriers is the responsibility of each modal administration. Compliance or non-compliance with the training rule will be determined during safety and compliance reviews of shippers and carriers.
Violations of any hazardous materials regulations including training may be subject to a civil penalty of up to $27,500 for each violation and, in appropriate cases, a criminal penalty of up to $500,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 5 years. (See 49 CFR § 107.329 and § 107.333.)
Yes, each person who performs any function subject to the HMR must be trained, except special circumstances that are addressed by 172.704(c).

Nuclear Gauge Safety Training Course

ATI's Nuclear Gauge Safety Course has been submitted to the NRC under one of our clients materials license and been found to meet the NRC's requirements for training along with additional hands on training by the licensee. The course has been designed to meet the NRC requirements.
The states where the course is acceptable can be seen at ATI's Nuclear Gauge Training Website
If you want a copy of our approval for an agreement state please contact us by e-mail. For non-agreement states no approval is necessary, our course meets the NRC requirements.
The course covers safety, NRC regulations, basic nuclear elements, DOT HAZMAT and gauge usage.
The course is a eight hour course, but the actual time spent will vary based on the students education, background and previous experience with portable nuclear gauges.
Yes, a test at the end of the course a test must be passed to receive a certificate.
The RSO for the nuclear materials licensee must proctor the closed book test and then sign the certificate as verification. Ultimately, it is the licensee's responsibility that each person listed as a portable nuclear gauge user has been properly trained.

Special Inspector Training Courses

The courses provide a module for each subject and when the student finishes each of the modules a review test is given so the student can evaluate their progress. Once all of the modules is completed, five sample exams are available to practice taking the exam. The first sample exam is timed and the remaining exams are not timed.
The practice exam questions are similar in nature to the exam questions but do not cover every possible question which may be encountered on the exams. The purpose of our courses is to educate the student and assist them in using the reference materials so that they can find the answers efficiently during the exam.
ATI does not guarantee that if you complete our courses you will pass the exam(s). Individuals taking our on-line courses come from many varied backgrounds. They very in experience from no experience in the construction industry to many decades of experience. The purpose of our courses is to assist in educating the student. We feel that the student should be able to pass the exam(s) with a combination of study, experience, and knowledge. Our courses are to be used as a study aid, not as a guarantee to pass the exam(s)
See our policy on refunds in the General Questions shown above.
ATI does not keep records on which students have actually taken the exam and passed or failed. Most students usually only take either the plans or code education course.
Yes, the student receives a certificate upon successful completion of the course. The student will still need to take and pass the ICC Special Inspector Exam(s) to be certified.